render output not as expected

Hi guys,

I’ve been busy with motion tracking in combination with the Shadow Catcher function. Now i have a nice animation of 100 frames i would like to render but it does not render as expected. It only shows the background video but not the added sphere and its shadow. I’ve tried a lot of different settings in Compositing but no luck so far. Can anyone help me to get this right? I would like to render the whole composition or only the sphere and shadow with transparant background.

please have a look at the .blend file

a1.blend (702 KB)


You are not rendering the layer where your objects actually are.

Try changing the foreground layer to this:

That did the trick ty very much!

Very difficult stuff those Scene/Layer/Mask Layer section. I’ve to take a good look in to that to master that. Didn’t come across a good tutorial yet explaining it properly. Again ty!