Render: Particles differences (Cycles)

Hi to!!! =]
I’m having some troubles with my render…

in viewport we can see all the particles working properly…
when rendered happens that these are quite… still! and previous particles (on the right) doesn’t show…

I exported 8 times with dirrerent settings but It doesn’t change…

send you 2 videos:



as you can see… the difference is enormus!!! :no:

attach some settings!!

and the blender view w/ the emitter!!


  • I tried making a similar new blend file.
  • this time I used wind and not emitter options.
  • It worked.
  • Tried the same on my blend file
  • It worked without other elements and without my particle object but a icosphere
  • It worked, apparently.
  • I noticed that maybe was something about cameras… It changd the situation when I moved away…
  • BEST Part: I set the time remapping back to 100:100! MIRACLE!!! But not completelly
  • Particles was continuing to be emitted but every 2 frames was back to the emitter and it was completelly wrong!!!
  • I deleted the emitter and created one new: COOL!! this time using wind! Was working just like be4 -.- and was laggy
  • turned back to my sphere and Iy turned back to the normal condition (now I playback in reasonable times)
  • I created a new camera, moved away and changed “zoom” so now I’m away from the scene!
  • Now It works!!!
  • But It doesn’t stop to the place It have to…
  • So I set the killing on the hit and set the killed particles to be shown (found on the internet)… tadaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  • IT WORKS fine!!! :smiley:

Seems like particles come back to the emitter 1 frame yes and 2 not… (s.time only 1)

Why??? :confused: