Render passes

Ah, those tools… This is an example video I made from the demo of Cinema.
It’s a simple test render of alot of stuff put on a cube I made.

The example I have here is that after the entire render has run, which is quite fast like 20 secs or less. I have what is a string of passes that create the final image. On turning them off and on you get to see how an image is created and you tend to see how you can make changes or discover somm really neat compositions all by just swapping layers…
Click the image

This is the stuff I have been trying countlessly to get CVS crew to create. It’s a pro tool but it’s a MAJOR tool that is foolishly being ignored. Despite the render pipeline recode.

So, the next big project is, can we fake this in a simi automated way ? Maybe python?
Like documeted render hacks with setting up lights in layers and settings that mimic and break up the outputs of teh render images.

Or is this hopeless? I am sure it has been a breaking point for a lot of animation houses or projects.

well i guess the problem is that with the node system this might be a bit more complicated to do than with the old material system. but arnt they working on it?
i remember Ton mentioning it.

You know, bringing it up every few weeks isn’t gonna make things move faster…


Yes but leaving it in the cold and no one pushing for it is a great way to make sure it will never get done. Which brings me to the other half of the message of faking it in a well documented way for all to learn from…*

The dev’s are pushing themselves. It’s annoying when people ask for everything all the time.

First off, if you actually took the time to look at the render options panels, you would see that there are already buttons there for these options, though not currently working. So just be patient.

Also, this is not the developers forum. If you want to see features added, then make the suggestions in the forums at