Render placeholders?

I’m trying to use the blender video editor to add some animations to a video that I made. I’m doing this by adding the animations in the same .blend file as the sequence. This seems to be working fine, with one exception. I can’t view the video in real time, without rendering. So, I would like to disable the text that the imported scenes show me in the video editor, and only render them in the final render. Is this possible?

Once again, thank you.

so, you don’t want a preview?
just right click on the edge --> add header and navigate away from the preview
or right click edge --> Join areas

No, I want a preview of the film that I’ve imported, what I don’t want is blender to render the scenes I have on the spot.

Let me try to make it simpler.I want a preview of the purple and blue (movie and audio) strips, but not of the green (scene) strips. Thank you.


You can choose to see a single channel in the preview. Just change the channel number in the header bar.

That helps, but can I view more then one at a time, say channels 1 and 2, but not 3.

Choose the strip you DON’T want to see and hit “h” to hide it. Use Alt-h to “unhide” it.