render png with transparency


I have two png’s with transparency that I’ve animated in Blender, over a third (background) Png.
It all looks good in the program itself, but when I try to render it, as a png, I get this:

Oviously I don’t want the squares round the lamp and the head :slight_smile:
I have set it to RGBA and changed alpha from sky to transparent
I am a beginner in Blender, please help.


In the material settings for the textured planes have you enabled transparency, set the alpha value to zero and for the texture set it to influence both color and alpha

I have enabled transparency in the material settings and set the alpha value to zero.
For the texture, the box’s for both color and alpha were checked, and set to value 1.

Hi, if you open, or just take my word for it :slight_smile: , the image, the squares around the head and lamp are actually transparent, but the transparancy ‘goes thru’ the background image, shurley there’s just some box to check, or some value to adjust :wink: ??

So you’re not going to supply the blend and textures then or are you deliberately trying to make it difficult for people to help you ?

I have solved it! I had to set Material>transparency from ‘Mask’ to ‘Z Transparency’
As I said, I am a beginner… :slight_smile:

That was my next step, but then I got stuck in Blender :slight_smile: I will keep that in mind for future posts, thanks :slight_smile: