Render Problems - Bongos

A few things I’m not sure how to sort out and would appreciate a little help with:

  • I need the black metal parts on the bongos to have a matt finish. It just doesn’t look right at the moment.

  • I cant get the back ground to look Realistic. Im using a HDR photo and I dont have much experience in getting them to look right.

  • finally any ideas on the settings I would use to get the bump maps for the wood texture to look good?

It a bit of a long one but Any tips would be great thank you.


— Is the black material shadeless? A matt finish means a low specular value very diffuse. E.g. spec: 0.20 and hard: 10.
— The background is the HDRI picture, so you can hide it with a different perspective, or add a wall.
— A bump map is a B&W image. If it’s a picture, and not a procedural texture, you should disable MipMap and increase the Filter value to 1.2.