Render region in context

Hi, I’d like to have a much higher detail rendering of a certain area of the scene. For that I use the render border and set the samples high there. But the problem is that then i have a little trouble reintegrating in Photoshop that section into the big picture precicely. Is there maybe an option i missed so that the render border gets placed into a blank/black/white document exactly the size of what the whole scene would be rendered through the camera without a render border? Then I could just overlap the two photos and extract the higher detail from the high quality render just for the area of interst without the trouble of matching.

Thanks in advance.

Just make sure the “crop” option is unchecked (in dimensions, next to the border render checkbox). Also make sure transparent film (cycles) and RGBA file output are enabled.

wooow, thanks a lot, could it be that simple?!?
i tried it though and it still renders for me just the border region.

I’ve made a simple file with just a monkey head, wondering if for you it works and just not for me.

Not sure what you did, but the crop function is still enabled in that file:

hmmm, that’s strange, i had noticed it toggle back on at one point for no explainable reason so I did it again and saved again… apparently it ended up back on somehow. However now when i tried it it worked just as you described by unchecking it. Thanks a lot!!! Problem solved!