Render Replication

Hey Blender Artist!

We are currently looking for some rendering recreation help. We’re looking to replicate a render created in another application and are looking for a skilled blender artist to replicate the render look as close as possible (Eevee would be great). Ultimately we would like the ability to swap assets while having a consistent look/lighting setup. We are looking for the job to be completed asap. This is a paid gig. If you need any more information send a pm or email me @ [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Hi. I’ve recreated Max Vray looks into Blender.
I am intetested in more details about this project. Yes, I work in Eevee too.

hope you are well!

sending you email. please have a look and let me know if we can discuss further in detail.


Thanks for the reply. I searched my email. I didn’t get any email from you. You can DM me here as well, click on my icon, it will take you to options>message.

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