Render Settings for HD Video

I wanted to ask this in a separate thread from my iOS question to keep separate discussions going on.

What format, encoding (audio and video), bit rate, resolution, etc does everyone use for HD videos?

Specifically if I am doing camera tracking with high resolution footage and want my final video to come out close to the camera settings (as in, not getting pixelated).

For the image, a lossless image format such as .png. If you want to carry out further compositing at a leter date you may want to render to exr/multilayer so you can hold various render passes.

After the render to an image sequence you can then render out afterwards to a video codec without the risk of losing your whole render if blender crashes.

Oh right, I should’ve been more specific.

I have rendered out my files to PNGs. I was just wondering what the final output/encoding for the movie format should be once I render those PNGs to an animation.

The only luck I usually have rendering is MPG format, MPG-4 Video Encoding, and AAC Audio Encoding.

But the quality doesn’t always seem the best and usually doesn’t look to good. Not sure if I need to change the encoding or other settings in the panel.