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Hey guys, is there any setup to post image renders and animations to instagram without loss quality? I searched about this topic and didn’t found any clear information. What i found was some videos explaining how instagram converts the photos and video files to the platform, but almost everything was about video and image render settings, not properly talking about 3D. I tried to apply some setups that i saw on these videos but didn’t work.

I see some smooth animations made on blender (good quality and framerate), but when i try to upload my animation, the quality and the framerate looks horrible and the image looks weird (noise and grainy), a complete disaster. I imagine there must be some tricks to render the animation (Dimensions/Output, maybe?) to instagram properly, but I can not find. Do you have any configuration ready for this? Thanks in advance

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Hi. Sorry, but did you ever figure this out?

A while ago I talked to artist Niko Miller (amazing art) after he posted on his Instagram an animation that was of impeccable quality. As I was curious to know how to get to that level of quality, I sent a direct message to see if he answered me, and to my surprise he was super helpful, follow the screenshots of the conversation on the link:

Render Settings to Instagram - Niko Miller Answer

PS: I am Brazilian, so English is not my strong point.

Edit: Last project i use this setup to make a 3/4 and a Turntable for Instagram, and works very well


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THANK YOU. Really appreciate it! :grin:

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