Render Settings


Apologies if this has been covered previously.

I’m having trouble with the rendering settings in cycles. I’am able to produce a good quality image, however the file size ends up being to large for internet use. I then reduce the samples, resolution etc resulting in a smaller file, however the image quality has reduced a noticeable amount. I’ve seen art works on here that are amazingly detailed but are quite small in file size.

So my question is, how do you produce a high quality image that is small enough for use on the forum.


Daniel John

A pixel is a pixel, regardless of how many samples it was rendered with or which render engine/camera/etc. it produced.
The three critical factors for image file size are a) resolution, b) color depth and c) compression. The first two you most likely want to keep as is, but c) will get you further. Choose an image format with a lossless compression (like e. g. PNG) and just increase the compression factor.

Thanks mate. Makes sense