Render size

I have been having trouble with my rendering lately. The coordinate plane is not big enough. The things outside the coordinate plane will not appear in the render. My mesh has particles and i do not want to screw it up by shrinking everything. Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?

If by coordinate palne you are referring to the world’s grid, access it via View>View Properties>then use the “Grid” field to adjust it’s parameters.

Ah, i got it, thanks man.

I do not think it is the distance of the coordinate plane. I think it is the distance of the camera. Is there a way to make it farther?

@jsalit: maybe you need to change your clipping start/end (anything outside that range will not be rendered. You can set them in the editing context of your camera, in the camera tab. There is no visual feedback (like with lamps) so you’ll have to guess what you need there.

Yes there is. Click Show limits.