Render farm test

After reading a bunch of reviews of render farms, I decided to give a test. (

I was impressed. I signed up for the cheapest (free) plan, and got a $25 credit to try it.

Signup was super fast with an absolute minimum of textfields to fill in. I packed my blend, uploaded it through the web page and set it to render. Very intuitive and minimalist web UI. With the settings I had (1300px by 1600px at 800 samples) on my laptop it would have taken ballpark 8 hours, and this was finished soup to nuts in 19 minutes.

They do have a beta plugin for blender to make uploading faster, but you don’t have to use it – which I like – as I hate installing who knows what on my machine.

The total cost for this render was $4.20. So I still have over $20 to play with. Anyways if you’re looking for a place to get your feet wet with render farms I would recommend this for sure. Here’s the render and a thumbnail (it is not a makehuman, I modeled and textured every single vert and uv) You can really see issues at the high resolution that aren’t visible in the thumbnail.

Full resolution render:

And a thumbnail: