Render Strip

Hi Blender community,

:white_check_mark: Render all camera animations in one click using Render Strip addon.

Often times we work with multiple camera scenes. Remembering each camera’s start-end frame, and setting these values every-time before hitting Render, is so tedious. Instead just use Render Strip addon.

How to use it:

  1. Create new strip by clicking on New Strip.

  2. Specify the camera, start frame and end frame. (Optionally name the strip by clicking on pencil icon).

  3. Select the output path.

  4. Hit Render.

  5. For more control on ouptut, take a look at output settings sub-panel.
    output settings

All this information will be stored in blend file. Set it up once, and render like breeze.

Demo video:

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Render Strip v0.2 released :tada:

What’s new:

  1. Now you can name the strips, for better tracking.
  2. Output settings, with option for separate directory for every strip.

good job, looks great and handy,

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Very nice! Thanks to its simplicity I would use it for still images as well. In this case it would be very handy to have a small tick that would switch to saving each image in the same folder (and just naming images with respective camera name).
EDIT: Actually, instead of a tick, maybe the addon could detect if the frame range is set to a single frame (like 1 : 1) and if true don’t put them in separate folders.

EDIT2: What can be the reasons behind the invalid camera message?


Hi @blndrusr,
Im glad you find it useful.
This error occurs when there is no camera corresponding to the name in the strip. It could be caused by deleting the camera after strip creation.
Selecting the camera again from the drop down should fix the issue. Hope it helps. If the issue remains please create an issue on github.

Concise and very convenient, thanks!

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Hello everyone,
Happy to update that Render Strip addon is not supported on Blender 3.0 :heart:

Thanks to :slight_smile:

Hey @luckykadam, do you still develop this addon?