Render stuck on 0%

I am new and was following a tutorial. I rendered a version halfway through and it worked but now when i render it gets stuck on 0% and blender freezes.

We’re going to need an example. It may simply be going through the preparation stages.

That would be my assumption, too.

You are probably trying to render something too complex for your computer, say, high-quality smoke/volumetrics, or very high-poly objects.

Sometimes if you have “Motion Blur” checked using Cycles render engine and one of your items do a “teleportation-move”, meaning that at the previous frame of your current frame it was way further apart in terms of translation values… it takes a lot of time to calculate such a abrupt motion.
This especially happens when dealing with hair particles

edit: most noticeable if you see the yellow squares appearing but nothing gets resolved when rendering

Also make sure that your subdiv modifiers are reasonable low, don’t get confused with viewport subdiv and render subdiv because they are two different things.