Render time and samples

i saw topic says get rid of extra verts will speed render time
here is 2 renders i made in 500 samples
first 2.401 verts

second 4 verts

they took the same time for render
i made third render but with 20 samples

i cant really realize a difference :confused:
when should i render in a high samples and when i have to go low samples to dont waste time ?

2400~ vertices may not be enough to demonstrate this, try 200k vertices (or more) and you’ll see the difference in render time.

Start with low samples to test, if it’s enough then stick with it. In general the more you have indirect illumination in a scene the more samples you need.

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actually my pc took 1 hour to render that image :smiley:
i guess when i have a scene with 200k vets i will use sheep it render farm :smiley:
thanks for samples info :slight_smile: