Render Time?

Can someone give me an idea as to how long this might take to render. It was rendering fine up until I added a bunch of new objects.

Here is the data:

Ve: 1,658,661
Fa: 1,785,026
Ob: 1159-0

La: 3
Mem: 141.13M

It is a model of a motherboard.

I am working on a G5 with Dual 1.8’s and 1.5 G of Ram.

Right now I get the beachball, I’ve let it run for 30 min with nothing rendered.

Ok. Mostly, that information (about the scene) means nothing… mostly. If you just put 1,658,661 verts randomly in a scene and rendered it would take no time at all. If you have hundreds of objects with AO, refraction, raytraced reflections, caustics, and HDRI… well I would get a nice long book to read while you wait. War and Peace?

So if you could give an overview of what the scene contains, that would help. Or you could just set it to render before you go to bed, leave it on all night and possibly when you go to school/work. I suggest turing off your screne saver so you can check it. Turn the monitor off, instead.