Render to PNG with transparent background?

I’m new to blender and its interface. Most of my experience is with Maya as a student, but I can’t currently afford a copy of that so i’m trying to learn blender as a substitute for simple personal work.

What i’m trying to do is figure out how to create a transparent background to my renderings. I’ve built a simple model that i want to render and export to a PNG file. This PNG file will then be used as a 2D object for a 2D game. The issue is i need everything that is not part of the model to be transparent. How do i get Blender to do that?

All i can get it to do is give me various different color backgrounds.

Thanks in advance for your help!

NeverMind, i got it working… it was just hard to tell because Blender just showed it with a black background, so i assumed it wasn’t working and didn’t check it like i should have.

Thanks anyway!

You can do following:

  1. Go to the Render Settings (F10)
  2. Set up output format PNG (Tab Format)
  3. Bellow choose RGBA instead RGB
  4. Render