Render UV Seems script

My first useful contribution to Blender community. Well, at least, I hope it will be useful :slight_smile:
Because I don’t like “Save UV Face Layout” script that currently comes with Blender I decided to write my own. It’s too big for inline code (13 KB), so here is ziped version:

Note: Script only tested in Blender 2.44 and 2.45 (Python 2.5) on Win XP.

Updated: 25.09.2007

Click for download:

Please, post any bug reports, comments and suggestions in this thread or mail to blend [point] factory [on] gmail [point] com


  • Saves UV seems in almost any image format that Blender supports : png, jpg, bmp, tga, tif
  • Preserves Alpha channel (png only)
  • Colored mesh and background
  • Anti-aliasing (oversampling)
  • Preview render without saving
  • Entering to UV Face select mode isn’t necessary to use this script, just select mesh object


Unzip contents of archive to .scripts folder, refresh your scripts and you should find “Render UV Seems” under Blender’s Render menu


Run this script, select UV mapped mesh and hit “Render” or “Render & Save”.
To render partial seems:

  1. Enter Edit mode, select some faces and hit Render
  2. Enter UV Face select mode, select some faces and hit Render
  3. While in UV Face select mode, In UV/Image editor select UV island, hide unselected UVs and hit Render


I tried the script with Blender 2.45 for OS X and got this error:

Compiled with Python version 2.3.5.
Checking for installed Python... got it!
  File "", line 177
    for face in map(list,(face.uv for face in workingMesh.faces if face.sel)):
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

try changing:

for face in map(list,(face.uv for face in workingMesh.faces if face.sel)):


for face in map(list,[face.uv for face in workingMesh.faces if face.sel]):

from top of my head, iirc above syntax is python2.4 feature.

I have updated my script with this fix and some other things (Draw.Label is replaced with Draw.Text). But It’s still untested even in python 2.4 environment. If interest for this script would be high enough, I will consider to update this script for work under 2.42a and 2.43 versions of Blender.



I gave this new version a quick test running Blender 2.45 and Python 2.35 under Mac OS X and it seems to work without errors. I particularly like that it can save UV maps with an Alpha channel, that will save me several steps! Thanks very much!

I allready posted you a reply on the other forum, great job!

Thanks spacestrudel. As I’ve told you there, don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

Hi, when I hit render or render and save all I get is a black image. Any Ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Blender 2.45, python… 2.5. Running on XP. I cannot get it to work on any of my projects, not even a cube. Please help, thanks!

Tested on Linux (Ubuntu) works well. Nice script.