Render view layers problem

Hi everyone !
I’m pretty new to Blender. I’m using it at the moment to work on the modeling and rendering of high res still images of 30 products packagings. Resolution is 6000x6000.
I separated each of the 30 products in its own view layer. Then I used the File Output node in the compositing interface to configure each render layer name and path.
It seems Blender is waiting to finish rendering all the 30 view layers before writing the images to disk. My problem is that sometimes it crashed due certainly to the very high res. And then nothing is written to disk and I lose everything.

Is there a way to write to disk after each image is completed ?
I’m coming from maya, blender seems a bit awkward when dealing with rendering.

Do you really need to render that big?
If it’s print for e.g. posters you can get away with 100dpi and still be fine.

I suggest you look into a batch render manager like render+ or alike, it helps a lot when you have a lot of 1 frame layers to render.


render+ seems a good solution I think I will spend some money on it.
I need a resolution that big because the client specifically asked for it…

thanks !