Render window

The stuff at the top of the render window. What does the following mean?

FRA: 1 (I’m assuming this is frame number)
VE: 110003
FA: 92444
LA: 7
Mem: 136.84 M (24.48M) Which is which?
Time - I’m assuming this is eta to render frame?

Also I’m currently trying to check the timing of my camera movement. is there a way to render as a mesh or something quick? I’ve reduced the scene as much as I can with the layers… and removed the shadow and envmap… Is there anything else I can do?


FRA: 1 ( frame number)
VE: 110003 (total number of vertices)
FA: 92444 (total number of faces)
LA: 7 (number of lamp)
Mem: 136.84 M (24.48M) Which is which? memory used, not sure what the second one in bracket is
Time - time taken to render the previous frame,