Rendered Animation to Movie

Yes, I searched, and found a thread that didn’t help much.

Actually, I’ve sort of figured it out, but when I save the movie, it saves the images (which were originally a 75% size render in blender) as really, really small images :frowning: .

I’ve already rendered out 99 frames of my animation, and I thought blender automatically saved it as a .avi, or quicktime, or something like that (from what I remember), but it only rendered the images, no movie. A long time ago, I saved the images as a movie, and now I completely forget how :confused: .

Can somebody help?

Why isn’t there a “Save Animation as Movie” option…

did you find the save as movie option? it’s in this drop down list


I would actually advise saving your movie as a series of still images (I use png as this can also have an alpha channel) rather than as a movie file. With images you can then stop and start your animation rendering at any frame you like. With a movie if blender crashes or if you have to stop rendering you may have problems then joining your portions of the movie cleanly together. To make the final movie load the images into the blender sequencer and output the movie in any format you want. This final rendering of the movie format is very quick. This process then gives you much more flexibility and control of your final movie.


Yeah, there’s the dropdown list, but most people don’t know that to actually save the movie, you have to select “Do Sequence.”

And what I first did was render stills, then tried to make them into a movie. Luckily, there was no crashing, but the images still came out very small when I tried to save them in the .avi format.

Rendering a movie is the same as a still image. The image size and render %size determine the final size of your movie,the same as it does for a still image, whether its using the render button, anim button, using composite or using the sequencer.

You don’t need to use the sequencer to render a movie. You can set the output to a movie format and press ANIM to render just as with a image render.


good advice richard, thanks