Rendered mode through camera only shows background

This is a weird one that I can’t seem to track down, but somehow, I tweaked something, but can’t figure out just what. Here’s what’s going on:

When you look through the camera in solid mode (or just about any other except one, which I’ll get to in a second), I can see whatever object is in the camera’s view. It’s there completely, so it’s not a clipping issue and the Camera, Pointer, and Eye icons are all on, so it’s not any of them and everything is just on one layer, so it’s not a layer issue (I don’t think).

When I switch to rendered view, looking through the camera, all I see is the world background. No objects appear in screen, no matter what I do with the lighting, be it background, lamps, or emission shader. All of these others do work, because if I rotate the scene just slightly so that I’m not looking through the camera, the object is clearly there. But when you go back to the camera, it goes back to the background with nothing else visible.

I’m on a Windows 10 computer, AMD FX 8370 processor, nVidia GeForce 960 video card with 4 gig ram if any of that helps as far as specs. And Blender 2.77a hash: abf6f08.

I’ve attached the blend file to show what’s happening. I feel like I’ve toggled something somewhere, but can’t figure out what.

Thanks for any help!


01-basic.blend (600 KB)

You have enabled a strong Depth of Field for the camera (low F-Stop value), but did not set a focal distance… As a result, the cube is so blurred out that it vanishes in front of the grey background.

Either set the camera’s aperture back to “Radius” (instead of “F-Stop”) or set the focal distance according to your object.

Cool! Thanks! I figured it was something I was overlooking :smiley: