Renderfarm worthy/possible?

i have a:
laptop 2ghz-winXP
and my current comp 2.19GHZ amd athlon 64 - winXP

Think i could get some kinda renderfarm going?
it’s kind of a waste since i rarely use my laptop anymore and those other 2 are just sittin on the floor gathering a good collection of dust.

If ya think it’d be worth trying… what would be the best program/script/whatever, for getting such a thing going?

I’d try linux but since everything 'cept the laptop has a graphic card… i can never get it runnin with a GUI :stuck_out_tongue:

I know there’s various renderfarms that’ll do it for free for blender… but i’d rather try and get something myself going so I can get batta at that stuffs. or having a better understanding :smiley:

so… virtual penny for yer insight?

the electricity used to power the P133 and p200 is not worth it.

as computers get faster, their power consumption gets lower (for the speed) and at a point computers are really and truly not even usefull.

also how blender is set up a renderfarm made of computers that slow, would mean the scenes renderable on it are pretty easy to render, (take the specs of the slowest computer (ram mainly) and work to that for the best scene you can do)

i wouldn’t personally make a renderfarm out of anything less than 1Ghz with 512 of ram.


ok so ive been trying to get all the info on this and i think ive come to a conclusion [anyone if im wrong please tell me i just started :stuck_out_tongue: ]

read above; paint case nicely try to sell, or donate it to Goodwill. however if you still say WTH ill do it anyway as a learning experience then from what i found:
to do a linux renderfarm all you need is a live boot cd and “the essentials”[it is not necessary to have a vid card, just mobo,RAM,cpu,nic] and a cdrom drive; or network boot then you wouldnt need any drives.
find a linux flavor of choice [from what ive read, just choose one]
get OpenMosix kernel ext if you like to render with yafray
get Nitrox or DrQueue if you are a pure blederer
oh and compile Blender and Yafray with the same compiler otherwise they wont work together

thats a basic list useful programs that i found and would be useful for me please go further and find a lot more howtos to get them working