Rendering a Camera Background Image As Simply As Possible

In Blender 2.91.0 I am trying to render a single image from one camera with a background image set for the camera. I’ve added a local image to use for my camera. It shows up in the 3D View when I view from that camera. Here’s my camera settings for the image:

In the Scene properties, I have Film set to Transparent.

I’ve seen various comments and answers about using a background image, but it’s confusing since things changed from 2.7x to 2.8. I’ve looked at this page for instructions on rendering the background image. It seems like a lot of work (especially for a newbie) to do for an image that I’ve just dropped in as a background image in the camera.

So if I have the background image imported in the camera, what’s the simplest way to get it to show up when I render from that camera?

Try unselecting transparent. Or maybe use import plane as image. You can add a background image to the scene world as well.

I don’t want to add a background to the entire image.

Eventually, what I’ll be doing is printing out blueprints and plans for the county Inspections Department and the contractors. I used to do this in 2D CAD, but there are a number of reasons for moving on to using Blender for it.

I’ll be setting up a number of cameras so when I make changes and it’s time to print, I can just render from each camera. If I have to keep changing settings from camera to camera, that leads to a lot of mistakes, so I really need the image to be associated with the camera.

I’ve tried selecting and unselecting transparent - that makes no difference. I’ll look into the import option and see what I can do there.

Thank you!