Rendering a flag, basic question

Hi guys, i´m sure some of you consider this a very basic question, but here it goes :slight_smile:

I modelled a simple building and that building has flag poles in front of it, i modelled the poles and then the flag using a tutorial i found on the web, but everytime i try to render it, the flag just stay stiff and i wanted it to get some flow.In that tutorial, wind was added and such, so basically what i´m asking is: do i need to render the whole animation and then i can choose the image that suits better my needs or is there some easiest and faster way of rendering the scene? Appreciate any help provided.

Thanks in advance

What do you mean by choosing the image that suits better? If the flag is affected by wind, than you should render it from start to finish and have an animation done. Or tweak a little here and there. You do want an animation right? Or maybe you want an animation in which the flag is still but like in an agitated shape…

Yes, exactly i want it still but in an agitated shape.Sorry for the confusion:)

Then probably the best thing is to model it that way. To escape that task, you can do a physics simulation and record it to the Graph Editor, then all you have to do is delete the frames you don’t want.

Ah, ok.Thanks for your help man, i´m going to give it a shot.