Rendering a quick pre-visualization of an animation

I have 3600 frames to render for a 2 minute animation. There are several node based materials set up for Cycles. Before rendering it in Cycles (which will take a lot of time), I would like to see what the animation will look like to tweak the camera framing, etc.

Rendering in Blender Internal works but do I have to individually turn off “use shader nodes to render this material” for each material? Also, will the materials still work OK in cycles just by turning the “use nodes” button back on? (There was a time before Cycles was in trunk when changing back and forth from Cycles to BI would cause problems).

BI, with anti-aliasing turned off, etc. still takes 4 seconds per frame (several hours in total). Is there a way to render the frames with GLSL and save them to a movie format for playback?

Seems like this should be easy, but I’m stumped.

Use render opengl under the render options at the top.

I knew it had to be simple. Thanks shadowlich. This is exactly what I needed, and under 1 sec per frame : )