Rendering a Solid Viewport to animation

Ok so this should be like 101 stuff for animatics but can anyone point to how you can get the solid view port only rendered out with audio for a dirt cheep animatic? if not is there a commonly accepted workaround.

Many TIA,


ctrl-click on the window render button will animate the window’s view to whatever is set in render settings. IIRC you need to use ffmpg to add sound. For some reason I can only get that to work with mp2 format! I’m pretty sure that you need to add/ mix the sound seperately in the sequence editor.


Thank you!. 2.49b put out a FLV with mp3 Sound! How does one know such cryptic hidden commands… what tut did I not read…Again thank you!

Yeh that one is especially silly since the only way I figured that one out is hovering over the button by mistake one day.

So flv with mp3, interesting, flv is set to 15 fps right? I am desperately searching for a way to put out higher quality stuff.

Crazy… have it set at 25fps it should use the FFMPEG option it am render out 1031X600 (20 sec clips ) the are about 20mb.