Rendering a totally black silhouette of a model

Hi I need to render a totally black silhouette of a mesh (the lighting is not effecting the mesh that comes out totally black). Does anybody know how to do it?


Try this on your silhouette object.

The diffuse mix is to stop your object sucking the light out of nearby objects. The multiply node will affect shadows (where 0 is normal shadow, and 1 is no shadow at all).

Hi many thanks for your answer.

In the meanwhile I have experimented a quicker solution. I have assigned to the mesh a material then I have deleted the principled bsd leaving the output node alone and that made the mesh totally black with no reflections. To get rid of the shadows I have disabled them in object properties.

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat. I did the more complicate because you didn’t mentioned how you wanted shadows treated, so figured it would give you the option in the shader.