Rendering a vector SVG

I successfully imported an SVG file. When I extruded and rendered it, it had no face; only the sides that were extruded showed up. How do I put faces on front and back?

After you import svg, in Object Data, switch it to 2D form, not default 3D. That will form surface. Extrude, convert to mesh.
Hope helps.

No, the problem might be your vector points are messed up. Leave the curve in 2D and try extrude. If you get a messed up mesh you have a messed up curve. The extrude and bevel are actually good test tools to determine if your curve has good topology.

A quick test is to create a circle curve, make it 2D and set the fill to Both. Extrude it and you will see your face as it should be.

To fix bad SVG import put the curve in edit mode and select each point and move it a little. Some times that is enough to pop the faces back into place. Also you can select them all and use the menu option of Switch Direction. That will sometimes fix a bad import.