Rendering Animation on UV Unwrapped Layout not from Camera

I am trying to find a way to create a rendered animation video that is a render in the format of the unwrapped objects UV layout. So not from the camera’s perspective but similar to the image result produced by a combined bake but in a full animation video.

The purpose is to then use this UV renedered video to rewrap the mesh in touchdesigner and capture the video from different cameras in realtime.

Any thoughts on how to complete this??

Okay I found this addon called “Animated Render Baker” which bakes each frame in a frame range and saves it as a png which can then be remapped as a light map. It only seems to work for Blender Render though.

How do I do this with Cycles Render?

What you’re describing is like a temporal light/irradiance cache, and there are better render engines than Cycles for doing this. VRay makes it very easy, and Yafaray had some similarly handy tools back in the day. To be honest though, you’d likely save a HUGE amount of time simply baking indirect lighting and doing the direct lighting only in a real time engine.


Can an irradiance cache be for dynamic lighting though?
The very nature of projection mapping has A LOT of very dynamic and changing lighting in any given scene and I all I can find is baking or chaching a single frame.

I don’t know how that would work in TouchDesigner which is needed for its ability to very quickly get the output to the projectors to line up with the real world buildings geometry. I just want to have a fully animated & rendered 3D object in Touchdesigner.

I originally just UV mapped with “Project from View” from a camera perspective but then if there was 3D geometry behind a forward piece of geometry then it would not have the correct texturing on the back geometry. Thats why I am trying to wrap the 3D geometry in texture in touchdesigner. So I can change camera positions (a.k.a. the real world projector positions) in realtime.