Rendering Animation Problem


I’m making some test on rendering animation.
Here is a file with an 15/image animation. I would like to render 15 png pictures of that animation but the rendering just give me the first one:
animationmeshversionfinalgoldenthunderpants.blend (1.49 MB)

Do you know what could be the problem?
I put in Rendering Propertie First frame: 1
End frame:15

Thank you for your help

Have a good evening!!


You need to change frame step to 1 (it’s on 128 or something now) otherwise it will only render frame 1, frame 129, and so on.

Then click Render Animation again.


Ok, I didn’t know frame step was that. :slight_smile:

It’s working!!!

Thanks you very much, I’ll send the result later


Hello, the test worked well, I’ll make a better one to upload.

I have an other question in animation rendering.
Do it exist in Blender an option in the animation rendering to not recalculate parts which don’t change.
For example, in my model, it’s a character moving on a white background, the white background is always the same but Blender recalculate for all my pictures.

I hear about a way to active that but i’m not sure it’s possible.

Thank you for your help

Rémi :wink: