Rendering artifacts

Can anyone help me with these rendering artifacts, please? I’m using Blender 2.83.13 LTS and Cycles render engine. I’m not sure what further information is needed, so please let me know. I can upload the Blend file if needed (it’s 485mb, though). It’s only happening on the one section of the engineering hull.

Cheers and thanks in advance

What exactly are you talking about? Sorry but we can’t go through your image pixel by pixel to try and figure out what you’re referring to.

Sorry, I’ve spent so much time trying to work out why it is only happening on this one piece of the model, that it’s all I can see. The shadow line is blocky, not smooth and I can’t get rid of the blocky shadow line even if I replace that part of the model.

Still hard to tell exactly what you’re talking about from your picture, but my first guess would be bad topology/normals. What does your mesh look like?

Render Artifacts.blend (2.4 MB). I’ve stripped down the blend file of the offending part so that I can upload it.

Shadow Terminator Artifacts … increase the angle of the light source. A higher angle will help smoothen it out.

I tried changing the light source and it worked, thank you. I was using a single sun light, changed it to an area light and it solved the problem.

There’s a setting you can adjust:

Looks like I’m upgrading to 2.9 sooner than I thought. Thank you.