rendering crash

I do not know why but every time i try rendering an animation. My computer crashes. Everything is frozen except for that the mouse arrow makes a loading sign but nothing is loading and i cant exit out or anything i have to manually shut down the computer. Has anyone else experienced this or know how to fix this?

Not me, but rendering is CPU intensive. You may have done this, but break it down into several parts - the more the better. I render in 16 parts, with a quad core, so maybe I should render in 4 parts. Anywho, more parts equals less overhead for your computer.

How can you render it in different parts? Just change the start and end frames until it is finished?

In the render panel, x parts and y parts - right under OSA. I use 4 x 4, which yields 16 parts. I have a quad core, so each one works on 1/16 of the image at once, so not as much overhead. Experiment, and that may work for you. As far as the animation, I don’t know how to render in sections, say frames 1-100, then 101-200 etc, then join them later. That’s not the issue though. Each frame is rendered as a separate image.

This question is really not relevant to my original question but… does shrinking your scene enhance it at all? I noticed that when i get into perspective mode, the grid of the scene is almost full. Their is not a lot of room to add more things. But does shrinking everything increase anything or help with anything?

it’s a good idea to keep your scene within the grid you see from a perspective view. I’ve also noticed that a very large floor will slow down rendering time. But yes, shrinking things to fit in the grid should help, or so I’ve heard. There is an enormous amount of room in blender, I think even within the grid. I guess just experiment - if you can’t fit everything, it’s ok to go outside the grid. Blender just recommends staying within it.

In my experience Blender crashes when it runs out of memory, or has trouble accessing memory.

Have you done a memory test on your system?

Is it a specific blender file or does it happen on the deafult scene as well?

If you want to test your memory for hardware errors, try Memtest86+.

give your operating system and system specs, that may help us help you diagnose the problem

You can try Memtest86+ to run a hardware test on your memory. Please do a search for it. I tried to post a link earlier, but I think my post was blocked.