Rendering Cycles Hair ruins the Combing! :(

Hi there!

I’m new to the hair/fur system and I’m finding some problems at giving some fur to a character. While I’m working on the viewport everything is fine, also works fine if I don’t comb the hair. I have a hair particle system with children, and combed as you can see in this picture:

But when I hit the render button, everything go wrong and the combing messes up totally:

And when I return to the viewport, it looks the same as the render:

But the weirdest things is that if I just change the current frame, the hair state return to the look in the first picture.

Have anyone a clue why is this happening? I’m running 2.71 and also I show you the modifier stack, in case that the order of the Particle System modifier has anything to do (in the next post).

Thanks in advance you awesome guys!!!

This is the image of the Modifier stack.

You need to have all of your subsurf (or other modifiers) matched for viewport and render. So the easiest fix is to have all your subsurfs and smooths enabled (eyeball) in viewport and render, and have viewport 1 and render 1 for the subsurfs. Mismatching them results in a bad hair day. You may (or may not) need to recomb after doing so.

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Hi Photox! Thank you very much for the advice! I’ve actually read your post days ago but I had no time to thank you until now.

So the problem is solved, I’ve changed the modifiers’ order and now I always comb the hair with the viewport and render levels matching. The character rig allows the animator to control the subdivision level of the model in order to see the animation in real time, but if I comb it with the maximum subdiv level then the render it’s just fine :slight_smile:

Thanks again mate :wink:

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