Rendering (duplication)

I have problem with rendering… i don’t understan why the shape is displayed by duplication?
It’s PNG fiels… and another fiels (PNG too) not dublicate!


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  2. When asking for help, it’s best to post a screenshot showing as much information as possible - or even post a blend. I don’t think the screenshot you’ve posted will be enough for anyone to figure out what the problem is.

Ok, thanks.

It’s cam view… The one figure ( how i do in vector editor ). When cam view it is good! But in rendering, the figure looks how double! Why? And it’s true only the figure, but other looks good!


You’re still cropping your screenshot so I can’t see any of the settings for the object or the render.

What parameters are needed?

Check if the object is there two times in the outliner. If that is the case maybe the second object is hidden in the viewport (eye - symbol) but not in the render (camera symbol)

Could it be that the second triangle is a shadow?

Not. But thanks!

Yes! It’s the shadow from BG ) I didn’t think about it… because tt’s 2D objects, i was think what a sahadows relevant only 3D objects! Thanks! And can be turn off the shadows? My skill is very bad… sorry!