Rendering embeded linked scenes


I have a master scene and two other scenes that are linked to it open in one session. One of the two linked scenes have CPU centric render setup in it and the other has GPU. If I wanted to batch render each and every one of these unattended overnight, how can I go about accomplishing this? When I select a scene manually, the layers pertaining to that scene render, but I wanna be able to render out the first linked scene and then the next without having to select them both manually.

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You can use the —scene flag to switch the active scene in the .blend file. So you could make a batch file something like

blender -b foo.blend --scene cpu1_scene -a
blender -b foo.blend --scene cpu2_scene -a
blender -b foo.blend --scene gpu_scene -a

CPU/GPU setting is scene specific, I believe. So you can just set that up in the .blend ahead of time

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