Rendering Fire with alpha channel problem

Hey Guys, I need your help.

When I render some fire, the render window shows me a different picture than the actual one with alpha channel.
The saved one is very transparent, a higher densityscale can solve this problem but I want to have the fire i get in the render window.

I also rendered that fire with a background picture and compared that one in the render window with the one I composited
(background and fire with alpha channel)

So you’re saying you want to save the version of the fire without the alpha channel? You can choose which format to save the image as when you press F3, and select the colour profile, RGBA contains alpha values aswell, whereas just RGB makes the alpha black and doesn’t save any transparency.
Sorry if I didn’t understand your question, might be easier to understand if you post a picture of each different version of the fire, and I might be able to help more. :slight_smile: