Rendering for large scale printouts

Good afternoon,

When rendering images I can select OSA to be 16x and the res to be HD to get a high quality image. But when saving to JPEG it saves as 72 PPI (pixels per inch). Is it possible to save it eg. as 150 or 300 PPI enabling the graphics to be printed in poster-size without getting pixelated details?


i saw a post not long ago
and it indicated athat you can go with 64 bits machines up to 20,000 x 20 ,000 i think
but this requries GB of memory
for very large you may have to export it to another soft and there you will be able to do what ever the soft offer as solution

il try to locate it but meanwhile you can make a search in thsi forum
or somebody else can remember this post
ok found something here

try theses


I was thinking of rendering out an image for a poster myself. The work around, after some digging around on the net, I developed was to take my poster size in inches multiply that by the DPI to get the pixel size and put this into blender. then when printing i just set my pages up accordingly. I cann’t remember where I read this but DPI only has any true revelance when printing. If you play around with the gimp and choose an A4 page and then change the DPI you will notice all that the pixel size of the image changes.
maybe there is an easy way out there i would also love to know.

Would it be in the drag down bar at the top of the blender screen? Maybe you can play around with settings there? I dunno but would also like to for some graphic design. I recently designed a logo for a friend he wanted printed onto his van but the dpi when blew up was pixelated!! bummer

Thank you guys. I’ll look into the python scripts

if you find something fantastic let us know

i wish there was standard size paper like A0 A1 A2 ect

it would a lot easier
but this requires lots of memory and millions of pixels
now if you look at the first script thread you can see
that the limit of blender is 10,000 x 10,000
so if you multiply by 4 this should five 20,000 x 20,000
with that you can do mural 8 feet by 10
see in the post the example
i think you should be able to do it with it


I wanted to give you a more detailed reply yesterday but I wasn’t sure of my facts. DPI is only truely revelant when printing suppose you render out two images at 1000 x 1000 pixels at two DPI’s (A) 250 DPI and (B) 100 DPI, not that you can do this in Blender as far as I know. On a computer monitor both images will be of the same size but when printed out image A will measure 4" x 4" , your pixel size divided by you DPI, image B will measure 10" x 10".

my suggested workflow in blender will be to start with what size poster you want lets say 9" x 15" and what dpi lets say 300. convert this to pixels 2700 by 4500 and render out this and save this in jpeg (I would use no compression of this step so another image format would be better). Now Blender will tag this as 72DPI image so if you printed it out it would come out the wrong size. go into an image editing program like GIMP or Photoshop and set you DPI to 300. the image size in pixels will stay the same but it should now print out to the correct 9" x 15" size.

Thx Tyrant, that sounds like an option to try

but what happen if you want to print high DPI on larger paper size
like A2 A1 A0 if desired
or even larger like a large poster 8 feet x 10 feet
i don’t think this can be done in blender you got inot another soft for pic
and do it there i guess !


A2, A1 those are some huge paper sizes if you wanted to print in high DPI on such paper sizes you would have to get seriously creative. I think you would run into memory problems with just about very program you tried to do this in Blender, Photoshop Gimp etc. But this is common practice to print things to such sizes so am sure a little research could reveal how to go about it.

Ironically just after I replied to Tisse I found the same workflow I use outlined in a texturing book am read at the moment, “Digital texturing and painting” its an old book but I think the method is still valid.

theses large size are used by al CAD systems ect,

so when you generate a PLT with a cad system it takes a lot of memory but it can still be done - it’s normal size as far as i know of

but still there msut be a way to generate a file whitout usng too much memory then orint it on paper of whatever size you need