rendering game textures

ok so ive made a simple scene that runs ok in the blender game engine, all the objects have a image that i have applied to the surface by unwrapping then using an image in the uv/image editor. when i press p the game runs and all my textures appear and look great, i can also see the texures if im in texture mode.
however my problem is when i attempt to render the scene, using f12, all i get is my objects but no textures, just grey objects.
any ideas?

There are two ways to do this.

Method 1:
Add a new material to each object and select “TexFace” in the material settings.

Method 2 (recommended):
Add a new material to each object. (1 material per object.) Add a new image texture. Under the “mapping” tab in the textures panel (2.5), select the “UV” option. With 2.49, it’s in the far right tab in the Materials window.

I hope this helps!

I don’t think this is true under 2.5 Beta …
UV option is coordinates and need to select UVTex …
I try with TexFace , but not working if use , for example , a marble texture .
I think is need just a image texture …