Rendering help

Hi i am a noobie,

I really like the way my model looks in the 3D view and when i export it for use in XNA and unity etc they look fine. But I don’t understand how to make my model render nicely.

Is there a defualt lighting or something to make it render like it looks in the 3d space because when i render all my faces of my model are really noticable.

Its sound weird i know. But it looks fine in the the 3D view but as soon as i render its not nice.

Any advice would be great!

Edit by the way it is low poly, but it does look fine in the 3D view i have set the animation up and when i view it through the camera and watch it it look just like i want. However when i render its horrible.

Can you post a picture of your render? Have you got lights on your scene?

Hi i have realised i posted this in the wrong topic and have since reposted it here:

I have also attached images in that post.

Thankyou so much for your reply.