Rendering hi-resolution for Shutterstock

Hi - I want to render an image from Blender to publish in Shutterstock but they demand a higher resolution than Blender can pump out. Anyone know how I can get my images to a high enough resolution (4.0 megapixels)?

Many thanks in advance,


What’s actually limiting you from rendering that resolution ? hardware or render time ?
A 4MP image is hardly a particularly huge image to render

That’s a relatively small render size, Blender should have no problems.

When i render I get an image size of 960x540 pixels. Shutterstock want an image of 4megapixels, so I think from your responses that I just need to render with a larger size image?

Being a newbie I may just need to go and investigate the rendering parameters to render a larger scale image of my model.

Thanks for the guidance and taking the time to help me. :slight_smile:

The resolution of 960 x 540 resuts from the fact that Blender’s settings default to rendering 50% of a 1920 x 1080 image… All those settings can be found in the Render tab under the Dimensions subcategory: