Rendering imported background movie


can anyone please tell me how to render out a movie imported as a background? In previous versions there was a checkbox that allowed this to happen.:rolleyes:

what is the process now?

  1. go to the world
  2. Check paper sky
  3. Click texture(make sure its on world texture)
  4. new texture, Import image or movie, you can also use image sequences)
  5. import your movie or image sequence
  6. uncheck blend and check horizon.
  7. make sure the render output is the same aspect ratio,as the video source like 1280x720 etc.
  8. if you get weird clipping issue at the bottom and left edge of the render
    you can resize the image texture x .99 y .99 and it seems to solve this issue.
    (not the best solution but ehhh, not sure wht it clips sometimes… anyhow thats a way to do it)

Thanks for your quick reply.
That’s awesome!