Rendering issue (Beginner)

This is my first time with belender or any 3d modelling tool. I ran into a slight problem whilst trying to preview my “owrk” last night and cant find out what the issue is.

Here is my model as it stands atm:

When i render it (f12) the chestpiece diappears:

Even if i just render the object by itself its hidden.

Any ideas whats gone wrong?

Thanks in advance.

i guess you set it to “not render”

in the outliner, you have three small icons in the left of each object:
eye, mousepointer, camera

if you click the camera, it switches between not rendering and rendering

Sadly no, thats not the issue, but i did manage to fix it, i compared different settings with one that was showing. Apprantly i had checked “Duplication: Verts” under the objects tab.