rendering issues

making a DNA double-helix for a school project due tomorrow, pretty basic. right now I’m having trouble getting the render to look decent: It needs to be nice and big for a big-screen projection, but when i just upped the dimensions of the picture, nothing happened! the resolution is just as bad as ever. I tried increasing the quality, but again, nothing. how do i increase the resolution, as well as the size?

For a projector most likely the highest resolution supported is NTSC or maybe 800x600(PC)… or if you are really lucky HD. In any of these cases there are presets on the far right of the rendering buttons which should make things very simple to figure out.

Although Im not sure how you are changing the size of the render without changing the resolution… didn’t know that was possible in blender…

oh, wait, i guess you can’t. i wasn’t actually saving the image anywhere yet, and the blender render itself looked pretty bad. when i saved it a s a bitmap to post here though, it looked all high-rez and happy. strange. thx anyway though.

Let me guess… you were rendering a size bigger than your screen resolution?
Blender Makes large renders look really jagged and nasty if they are zoomed out in the render window so my guess is thats why you thought it was low res. Try zooming in the render window to 100% I bet it will look much better.
But if you wernt rendering a large render then I’m still confused:confused: