rendering materials on uv map image

hey, i have a model that is uv mapped, and I would like the materials to be drawn onto the uv map, is this possible without texture paint? I have already assigned multiple materials to certain faces after the model was uv mapped. now im just trying t get my uv image to render with the materials on it, I will attach my blend below

town_square_test.blend (838 KB)

Go to the Render settings. At the bottom is the Bake panel. Select what you want to bake (full render, texture etc) then press Bake

thankyou, this helps alot :smiley:

I am trying to do this same thing and for some reason, I have no idea where the render settings are located. Can anyone give me more exact instructions? I cannot find “bake.”

“bake” is a render option,
so its located in the options-menu in the submenu
for render (= the little photograph-icon) - in this
submenu there are other render-things like image-size
for render, where to save the rendered images/videos
and “bake” is normaly at the end.

And you know how to open/unfold/fold the sub-sub-menus
(its a tiny little triangle in front of the menu-name …)