Rendering Multiple camera views

I would like to set up Blender to render 3 scenes out overnight. I’m on Windows XP.
I’d like it all to be coming out of the same file, with different camera views that render one after the other.
For example: Render frames 1-100 from Camera 1. Then switch to Camera 2 and render frames 101-200, etc. Maybe this could be done by rendering one scene after another, each with a different camera as cam 1?
This would make maintaining files a lot easier than having 3 separate files, especially considering tweaking lights, camera moves, etc that I’ll probably be doing until I get it looking right. And, once this project is finished, it will be reused every month, with some different text info added.

It seems like this should be possible using the Video Sequence Editor. But its beginning to look like this tool only accepts rendered files of various types. Or nodes? I can’t figure out nodes…jeez…so much to learn and so little time…

Can scene sequencing be done inside blender 2.49a without external batch files or other programs? As simply as possible.


There is a Camera Changer script. It should be installed by default. Look in the Scripts Window under Animation. If it isn’t there try the wiki :-

Thanks, I’ll take a look.