Rendering multiple smoke emitters each having different color

Hi guys, I recently tried using smoke simulation to achieve the effect where two different color smoke emitters comes from either side of the screen and they sort of combine/interact in the middle. However, this does not seems to be possible:no: as both smoke emitters end up to be of same color. I have tried placing each smoke emitter-domain pair on separate layer, but this does not help.
Here is an example setup -

And i have given separate materials for both smoke domains.

Any ideas on how to do it ??

Change the Smoke Color for each emitter. The default quick smoke material already uses the simulation’s color attribute, but if you are using your own you can simply add an Attribute node, type the word “color” into it and plug it’s color output into the color input of your Volume Scatter and Volume Absorption shaders. Like so: ColoredSmoke.blend (489 KB)

Thanks @K_Horseman that worked.

Ugh. I still don’t understand how or why.noob

Hi, This is a very old thread and I think blender has changed a lot. The solution might not work now, try downloading the blend file and see if that works for you.

Why you ask ?
I wanted to create a effect similar to the one in trailer of Far Cry 4. Watch this video at 0:17 sec

I think maybe I’ll post a simple animation what I mean. I also think I don’t have this in the right place do you think maybe I should post this in textures and I wonder how does the site handle that can I delete this post and then repost and textures is it basically is the texture I’m talking about displacement I know some sites really hate reposting