Rendering OBJ sphere, wireframed, see through without seeing the back of the sphere

Hey guys, for a project I would need your technical help. Thanks in advance.

So I would need a UV sphere in a wireframe style, as shown in the image embedded below.

The delivered file needs to be in OBJ format, should be see through in a video editing software, and also they dont want to see the background lines of the mesh, as shown in the embedded example.

Do you know how could I achieve such a render ? I was thinking of superposing two spheres, one plain inside and one wireframed on top but it wouldn’t be a see through file afterward.

Hope to be clear enough, looking forward to hear from you. Thanks a lot !!


It’s doable with a wireframe modfier and a boolean. Rotate the sphere only for different culled views. Dunno how you would convert to obj abd keep it editable, though.

untitled.blend (126.5 KB)

cheers mate !! indeed the OBJ file part sounds tricky to me ! let see if i find an other solution.

if you need the OBJ, and are going to import it into another application, you may have better luck just making the mesh in blender and letting the applications you’re importing it into handle the display of it. For example, export a black sphere with white wireframes on it, and use that as a mask in the application for whatever color you want it to display as