Rendering only from the compositor (file output)

Hi. I am doing an animation and rendering out different render layers in the compositor.
Is there any way to de-activate the render that comes from the blender scene tab in the UI.

It is just adding time to something I do not need.

Thank you

And why do you want to use a File Output node for any render layer which is already done by the Output Properties in the first place ?? Or i’m missing something here?

For example, if you want to have different passes with different file formats from each render layer…
but let’s put it simpler: If you need to use file output node, regardless of the why, I am guessing you would not want to render it twice…

I understand why you want specific outputs but why duplicate those which are already there? And i don’t think they are rendered twice.

A liitle test shows that files directly “outputted” with a node can have different names in different folders but have the same time as the original over Render Properties → Output. If this output can be switched off then this forum would be full of questions to help because there is no output :wink: or the developers have to check if there are output nodes and if they are connected to something usefull and if the path are accessible and… and… (computability problem in computer science) … far too complicate to progam and much posssibilities for bugs. If you choose to start both path with // then it will be saved relative to the blender file :slight_smile: so organizing it should be easier.